7 summer activities in Malaga city to enjoy with Coeo!

7 summer activities in Malaga city to enjoy with Coeo!

7 summer activities in Malaga city to enjoy with Coeo!

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It is clear that Malaga has always something to offer to all visitors and, what is more, any time of the year. An unseasonal destination that is always ready to provide leisure, fun and all kinds of entertainment. If you are one of those whose holiday periods are the most common ones, feel free to visit Costa del Sol, as you will find plenty of summer activities in Malaga city that will enhance your days off quite significantly. For instance, staying with us at Coeo’s accommodations, where lots of leisure proposals are organised year-round but more frequently during the summer, to make your stay a fabulous experience full of great memories. Want to know more?

Great summer activities in Malaga city

By Coeo!

Yes, we are aware that this place has many tourist attractions… We also know you will need time to explore all the marvels Malaga is known for. However, our philosophy at Coeo goes beyond visiting the main spots and doing the typical tourist things… We want you to experience the real Malaga -and create many lovely moments- with other travellers like you. New people who share your interests and have a similar lifestyle. Or maybe not, but that’s not important as long as you are ready to fully enjoy the fantastic summer activities in Malaga city that we have prepared for you. Are you up for it?

Unique experiences in Malaga

1. Salsa dancing in the port of Malaga

Even though it is not one of the typical summer activities in Malaga city, salsa dancing stands as one of the favourite things to do among our guests. Yes, as you can imagine, the climate conditions in July and August make it more attractive to enjoy at dawn during this season…, which makes these dancing lessons even more appealing! Can you imagine how fun these sessions can be?

Paddle yoga, summer activities in Malaga city by Coeo

2. Paddle yoga on the Mediterranean waters

If you are a sportaholic, a meditation fanatic, and adore a sunset by the sea, then this is the top thing to do this summer in Malaga! At Coeo, we share your same curiosity, and that’s why we have prepared this wonderful proposal. Beyond our magic full moon yoga sessions on La Malagueta beach, you’re welcome to join us for a beautiful yoga session on a paddle board on the Mediterranean water. Sounds great, doesn’t it?


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3. A beach volley tournament with a few new friends

When discussing summer activities in Malaga city, beach volleyball is a must. It’s about more than just staying fit and practising a sport. Sharing fun moments with new friends while enjoying the sun, the sea breeze, the sound of the waves, and plenty of laughter is simply priceless!


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4. Sunset from the Gibralfaro Castle viewpoint

And speaking of unforgettable sunsets, another must-do summer activity in Malaga city is climbing up to Gibralfaro to watch the sunset. It is simply spectacular! The sun reflecting on the Mediterranean, the magical colours of the sky, the contrast between the hustle and bustle of the city and the calm of the moment… It’s absolutely worth it.

5. A tasty tapas tour around Malaga city centre

Obviously, when the weather is good, what we want most is to enjoy our favourite drink with a good tapa and the best company. And that is exactly what we are proposing to you in Coeo this summer. Come with us to taste delicious tapas and have a good time with other travellers in the most charming bars in the centre of Malaga. You’ll have a great time!


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6. Sharing a refreshing cocktail with fellow travellers

Whether you’re staying in any of our three aparthotels in the centre of Malaga (Fresca, Peña, and Parras) or in our pod hostel (also in the heart of the city), you’re always invited to a welcome drink in our Beatas street bar (Coeo Pod Hostel). Meet new people, connect with fellow travellers, share wonderful moments and, who knows, make new lasting friendships… But above all, have fun and enjoy yourself with Coeo!

Playa de la Malagueta

7. Relaxing at La Malagueta Beach

Of course, one of the best summer activities in Malaga city is soaking up the sun at La Malagueta, an urban beach with all the charm you can imagine. A refreshing swim in the Mediterranean, a chilled local beer, a typical espeto (grilled sardines), and a mini siesta under the beach umbrella… Moments like these are indeed unforgettable!

And that’s not all! Come to Coeo and discover many more fun things to do this summer. We’re waiting for you!


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