Our Story 2 - Embracing the past for a better future
Embracing the past for a better future
It’s all about people, creativity and change




Creating a future of living

With the growing trends of co-living and social hub communities we aim to deliver a cutting edge stay experience for short term tourists and long term visitors. Our hospitality projects seek to provide the highest level of comfort, modernity and meaningful authentic experiences for our residents and guests.

A place meets people

Much of Spain’s magic comes from the unique character of its historical breathtaking architecture and unique friendly culture. We believe that our top-of-the-line co-living spaces, hospitality developments, events and tours must reflect these exceptional characteristics in our pursuit of redefining Andalusia’s hospitality vibe.

White Spain Story

After more than 15 years of creating buildings and apartments that restore history whilst also delivering modern, luxury and unique residential experiences in Southern Spain: we are now focusing on developing a hospitality network and unique experiences that will expand to the rest of Andalusia

Coeo local community

We believe that a genuine connection between a city, guest and an accommodation occurs only when you embrace local communities in their real, everyday lives.  We do this so that we can deliver the culture and authenticity of our amazing local community to every guest.

Come visit us at Beatas, 20


Málaga has been home to some of the worlds greatest artists and we’re keeping that tradition alive at our local artistic spot, Beatas 20. Be ART as and display your very own work or browse the works from many of the local artists at our pop up expos and events.

Come and be inspired by the beauty of art.


We are delivering a new way for people to make an impact by creating a community of friends who are driven by commitment, purpose and impactful vision with themselves and the environment.

Use your passion to make an impact.

We believe that if you’re donating your valuable time you should enjoy, meet people, help others and have fun.


Join the fun


Join the fun


Join the fun