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Explore Malaga in a unique way

Explore Malaga with Coeo

We have fallen in love with Malaga and now it’s your turn. Explore Malaga and all its charm. Enjoy its eternal sunshine, its long beaches, so many incredible monuments and a good number of activities available at all times and for all tastes. The city is waiting for you.
Join the fun with Coeo.

Mediterranean sea
307 days of sunshine per year
Malagueta, Pedregalejo, Playa el Peñon del Cuervo, and many more
Local food in Malaga
The starting point for your excursions
A travel hub
Perfect for day trips - Tarifa, Ronda, Caminito and many more

Attractions not to be missed

Malaga Cathedral

The Manquita is one of the symbols of the city, with a very special history and structure.

The Alcazaba

Discover and explore Malaga through the best preserved Alcazaba in Spain.

Gibralfaro Castle

A charming place to watch Malaga’s magical sunrises and sunsets.

Roman Theatre

A must-visit, the oldest monument in the city of Malaga.

Botanical Garden

A beautiful English landscape garden with over than one hundred and fifty years of history.

The City of Museums

Explore Malaga through its art.

The city has 37 museums, most of them located in the historic centre.

Be sure to visit the following ones:

  • Picasso Museum
  • CAC Malaga
  • Carmen Thyssen Museum

*Admission is generally free on Sunday afternoons.

Day trips

Day trips to try at least once!

  • Caminito del Rey- El Chorro
  • Nerja – Maro
  • Frigiliana
  • El Torcal de Antequera

Best sunsets & sunrises spots

Come to Malaga and enjoy the best sunsets and the most idyllic sunrises.

Thanks to the south-facing coast of Malaga, we are lucky enough to be able to enjoy both sunrises and sunsets from any point along the beach, just by looking right and left. 

Other amazing places to sunbathe:

  • Monte Victoria
  • Malaga Port
  • Monte Gibralfaro

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Explore Malaga woth Coeo local community





Join the fun


Join the fun


Join the fun

IN love with Malaga

Get ready to discover one of the most emblematic and most visited places in the country. Come and enjoy a city that has it all and never disappoints. Explore Malaga the way you like it best. Bathe in its beaches, visit its impressive historical heritage, delight in the art of its museums and streets, let yourself be captivated by its rich gastronomy…

But above all, feel the warmth of its people, the charm of its little shops and local markets, and immerse yourself in its beautiful culture and the vibrant atmosphere of its streets. Whatever you are looking for, this city will captivate you. And you will have to come back again and again to enjoy its infinite charms.

At Coeo we know very well that the traveller who discovers Malaga for the first time falls in love with it. But so does the one who visits it often. For this reason, and because we know that you adore this wonderful city between sea and mountains, we have prepared a wide variety of leisure activities that you can share and enjoy with our Coeo local community. Contact us for more information.

Group running, yoga on the beach, salsa classes in the port, guided tour around the historic centre, and many other things that, besides having fun, will help you to meet people with the same interests as you.

Malaga is much more than a fantastic city. Its surroundings and the whole province offer travellers a wide range of attractions of all kinds. Impressive natural spaces, such as El Torcal de Antequera. Others that, with the hand of man, have become essential places, such as El Caminito del Rey. Small villages full of charm such as Nerja or Frigiliana or, of course, the impressive Ronda.

In Coeo we propose a series of day trips that will surprise you. All this, in addition to the variety of activities that we organise every day for all our guests and travellers here in the city. So, come on and discover Malaga with Coeo. You will live the best experiences.

Explore Malaga in a unique way

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