We love Malaga




We have fallen in love with Malaga and now it’s your turn. Enjoy the sun, extensive beaches, incredible monuments and diverse activities available for all tastes. The city is waiting for you. Join the fun 🙂

307 days of sun a year
Malagueta, Pedregalejo, Playa el Peñon del Cuervo, and many more
Local food in Malaga
El Pimpi, La Tranca, Casa Lola and many more
A travel hub
Perfect for day trips - Tarifa, Ronda, Caminito and many more

Must-See Attractions

The Cathedral of Malaga. La Manquita is one of the symbols of the city with a very special history and structure. 

The Alcazaba. The best-preserved Alcazaba in Spain 

The Giblralfaro castle. A great spot to catch Malagas magical sunrises & sunsets. 

The Roman Theatre. The oldest monument in Malaga City. 

The Botanical Garden. Is an English landscape garden with over one hundred and fifty years of history.

The City of Museums

There are 37 museums, most of them in the historical centre.

Be sure to visit: 

  • Picasso Museum
  • CAC museum
  • Carmen Thyssen

*Usually free on sunday afternoons

Day trips

One day trips to try at least once!

  • Caminito del Rey /El Chorro
  • Nerja – Maro
  • Frigiliana
  • El Torcal de Antequera

Best sunsets & sunrises spots

Thanks to the fact that Malagas sea is facing the south, we are blessed and can enjoy both sunrises and sunsets from any spot along the beach just by looking left and right 🙂

Other amazing places to catch the sun. 

  • Monte Victoria
  • Go to Monte Gibralfaro
  • The Port

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Join the fun


Join the fun


Join the fun