Top reasons why a holiday apartment in Malaga is the best choice!

Top reasons why a holiday apartment in Malaga is the best choice!

Top reasons why a holiday apartment in Malaga is the best choice!

Coeo Fresca apartments

Are you planning your next getaway and considering a destination that offers both stunning landscapes and rich cultural experiences? If you are looking for somewhere in the south of Spain, and you wish to find the perfect location, we suggest you give a try to a holiday apartment in Malaga, a coastal gem in the heart of the Costa del Sol.

Besides, when it comes to accommodation, a holiday apartment in Malaga emerges as the perfect choice for a memorable and immersive getaway. The most convenient type of lodging, you’ll see! At Coeo, we have everything you need in the form of three modern and comfortable aparthotels in the heart of Malaga. Would you like to know what we have for you? First, let us tell you the reasons why staying in a holiday apartment in Malaga will be the best choice!

Fresca Aparments are a treat
Fresca Aparments are a treat

Enjoy all comforts

Nowadays, a holiday apartment offers almost the same services and facilities as a hotel. Moreover, they usually have their own private kitchen, fully equipped for your comfort and convenience. Other than that, the style, the design, the location or even the views that some of these accommodations usually offer are worth it. Even more so if we talk about Malaga, a tourist place where the demand is so high that the quality of accommodation, in general, is pretty remarkable. If we talk about our three apartment hotels, you’ll enjoy amazing views and an unbeatable location in the historic centre of Malaga too!

Feel like home

This type of accommodation, and specially a holiday apartment in Malaga provides a cosy, homely atmosphere that hotels often lack. With separate living and sleeping spaces, a kitchen, and often additional amenities such as laundry facilities, you can truly live like a local during your stay. This level of comfort and convenience ensures you have a relaxing and impeccable stay.

Parras, a holiday apartment in Malaga by Coeo
Parras offers an exceptional value for money

More privacy and space

When you stay in a hotel, both your privacy and your space are limited to your room. However, holiday apartments go a step further in both of these respects, something that hotels rarely can match. Whether you relax in the lounge or on your private terrace, you can enjoy a sense of detachment that contributes to a truly peaceful holiday. And of course, you have almost as much space as you would at home.

Have fun cooking local cuisine

Another advantage of staying in a holiday apartment in Malaga is that you can put your culinary skills to the test with the best local products. For example, Coeo Apartment hotels are quite close to the famous Atarazanas Market, a must-visit place in the city and an icon of Malaga and Andalusian culture and gastronomy. Anyway, if you prefer to be served at the table, and forget the kitchen until you return home, you should know that Malaga is the perfect destination to enjoy the best gastronomy. At Coeo we organise interesting walking tours through the centre of Malaga in which we take you to some of our favourite tapas bars. You will love it!

Peña, a holiday apartment in Malaga by Coeo
Peña apartments are all art and design

More flexibility

It is a fact that a holiday apartment provides you with the flexibility to set your own schedule. As you are free from the constraints of hotel dining hours or cleaning routines. That way, you can explore at your own pace and create a personalised itinerary to suit your preferences. In this regard, the cleaning service and change of towels and bed linen in our holiday apartments in Malaga is always done on previous request at reception, in order to guarantee the maximum privacy to our guests. We will give you all the details upon arrival.

Cost-effective for families

When travelling with family or a small group of friends, the cost of a holiday apartment in Malaga can often be more budget-friendly than booking multiple hotel rooms. Plus, having a kitchen allows you to prepare meals at your convenience, saving you money on dining out for every meal. Just in case, at Coeo we have a lot of advantages for groups of 9 people or more. Contact us.

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Ready to explore this beautiful destination at your leisure? Make the most of every moment at a holiday apartment in Malaga with Coeo.
You will live an unforgettable experience!

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