Holiday apartments Malaga,
9 tips to make the best choice!

Holiday apartments Malaga,
9 tips to make the best choice!

Holiday apartments Malaga,
9 tips to make the best choice!

Peña apartamentos - Holiday apartments in Malaga

When planning a holiday in Malaga, choosing the right place to stay can transform a simple getaway into an unforgettable experience. At Coeo, our approach to accommodation will certainly make the difference to your next trip. Strategically located in the heart of the city, our holiday apartments in Malaga offer a cosy atmosphere that will captivate you.

From our experience managing three aparthotels and a pod hostel, we present you with a few essential tips to ensure your choice of accommodation is the best. At Coeo, we’re dedicated to enhancing your holiday experience in the heart of the Costa del Sol.

Why to choose Coeo’s Holiday Apartments in Malaga

Fresca, Coeo holiday apartments Malaga
Views from the penthouse of Fresca Aparthotel

1. Location matters

At Coeo, we offer three aparthotels: Peña, Parras and Fresca. Each one is strategically located in the centre of Malaga, allowing you to explore the main tourist attractions on foot. Their location is incredibly convenient, allowing you to delve into the rhythm of Malaga life. You can visit the Cathedral, the Picasso Museum, or the Thyssen, hike to the Gibralfaro Castle and the majestic Alcazaba, stroll along the Malaga Port, or relax at La Malagueta Beach. All within comfortable walking distance from our holiday apartments in Malaga.

2. Seek spaces breathing style but also comfort

One of our identity marks at Coeo is our love for art. That’s why our holiday apartments in Malaga welcome you with elegant and minimalist decor, including art pieces from local urban artists. Designed to make you feel good, each space of our aparthotels has been created to provide maximum comfort, allowing you to fully relax after a day of exploring.

Peña dúplex
Cosy duplex at Coeo Peña

3. The more varied the options, the better

Coeo House offers a variety of apartments to suit every type of traveller. From cosy studios ideal for singles or couples to spacious duplexes ideal for families or even a penthouse with stunning views to the Malaga Cathedral. All spaces are equipped with modern amenities to ensure a carefree stay. When you’re looking for the perfect place to stay during your holiday, it’s convenient to consider several lodging options.

4. With services for the modern traveller

Another tip for finding the best holiday accommodation is to consider the services it provides. With amenities such as free high-speed WiFi, fully equipped kitchens, or smart TVs, Coeo’s holiday apartments in Malaga ensure that every guest enjoys comfort and autonomy, allowing them to make the most of their stay in the city.

5. Personalised attention is important too

The dedicated team at Coeo is always available to assist you with anything you may need. Our 24-hour reception is conveniently located on Beatas Street, within walking distance of our aparthotels. Additionally, we offer our guests a 24-hour WhatsApp service to address any questions or issues at any time. Our entire team is delighted to help you plan your activities, provide personalised recommendations, and ensure that every moment of your stay is memorable.

Coeo Parras
At Coeo, we strive to offer a quality experience

6. Look for quality and consistency

Generally, guests highly appreciate the cleanliness, good maintenance, and quality of service in an apartment. At Coeo, we strive daily to offer a quality experience to all our clients. Therefore, we aim to improve every day through our work, dedication, and the feedback and comments of our guests, which we always find very useful. Additionally, at Coeo, you can enjoy the privacy and space of your own apartment with the peace of mind of being in a well-maintained environment, allowing you to relax completely.

7. Mind value for money

Our holiday apartments in Malaga offer great value for money, given their prime location in the heart of the historic city, within walking distance of the main tourist attractions. With competitive rates and excellent value, our Coeo aparthotels provide an outstanding accommodation option in the centre of Malaga. When searching for the ideal accommodation, it’s crucial to look beyond mere affordability. Give priority to the balance between rates and the quality of the service offered.

Atarazanas Market
Atarazanas Market

8. Search for authentic local experiences

Located in the heart of the city, close to local markets, charming cafés and gourmet restaurants, Coeo aparthotels allow you to sample authentic Malaga gastronomy, while discovering the local culture just by stepping out onto the street. The best way to taste the real Andalusia and quickly feel like one of the locals starts by choosing the proper accommodation.

9. Leisure activities are an added bonus

One of the most important aspects when choosing your holiday apartments in Malaga is also the leisure options they offer. Beyond nearby tourist attractions, it’s interesting to see if the accommodation organises any activities to enhance your stay. At Coeo, we are a local community of travellers from all over the world who love to live memorable experiences. That’s why we provide our guests with several activities of all types. From a tour of La Alcazaba to a salsa lesson at the port, running in group, or karaoke at the Coeo Bar at Beatas Street. Quite appealing, isn’t it?

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