Semana Santa Malaga, Spain
What you need to know before you travel

Semana Santa Malaga, Spain
What you need to know before you travel

Semana Santa Malaga, Spain
What you need to know before you travel

Catedral de Málaga

Holy Week is a celebration observed worldwide by Catholics. But in Spain, as you may know, we go all out! This religious event lasts a little over a week, although this can vary slightly depending on the area. During these days, you can enjoy grand processions, religious representations, and even theatrical reenactments of the life, passion, death, and resurrection of Christ. Each region has its peculiarities, but they all have their particular charm. And the same goes for Semana Santa in Malaga, Spain, a spectacle of religious imagery and devotion worth witnessing.

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Semana Santa

Semana Santa in Spain, a tradition spanning centuries

Is it believed that this highly recognised festivity in Spain, revolving around the figure of Jesus Christ, has its origins in the Middle Ages. Each year, different cities and regions of Spain host magnificent processions with imagery that is a true work of art, in addition to masses and religious events. If you come to Semana Santa in Malaga, Spain, you can be sure you will have a unique and unforgettable experience. Not only because of the beauty of the imagery and the fervour with which the faithful live the event, but also for being a direct witness to centuries-old traditions of Catholic culture.

Semana Santa Malaga 2023

A celebration full of symbolism

Let’s take, for example, the first day of Semana Santa, Palm Sunday, one of the most significant days in this celebration. It represents the arrival of Jesus Christ in Jerusalem. The locals celebrate the arrival of the saviour with olive or palm branches (depending on the region of Spain). A symbolism that announces victory, triumph, peace, and eternal life.

In Andalusian cities, you can see pasos (floats) carrying Jesus on a donkey, just as it appears in the scriptures. It is clear that in Spain and in Andalusia, this biblical symbolism is highly valued, which makes this jewel of a religious festival remain faithful to tradition year after year. In Semana Santa in Malaga, fervour and symbolism are essential elements in each of its floats and processions.

Semana Santa Málaga

Andalusian devotion

Of all the regions in Spain, Andalusia is the perfect place for those seeking solemn celebrations brimming with classicism and tradition during these days. This southern region of Spain is globally renowned for this celebration, with Semana Santa in Malaga, Seville, and Granada being some of the most acclaimed, attracting more faithful and tourists each year.

Actually, each place has its particular way of expressing what Holy Week means to them. And of course, each one with its own charm, particularities and rituals, which make them even more surprising and moving, if possible. Let’s see what Semana Santa in Malaga, Spain offers us.

Semana Santa Málaga Spain

Semana Santa in Malaga

The famous Semana Santa in Malaga, Spain, is undoubtedly the ideal choice for travellers seeking a unique experience. During these days, more than 40 brotherhoods and fraternities put all their effort, faith, devotion, and the images of their parish at the service of this significant celebration.

Impressive processions with numerous pasos (floats). In fact, the floats are a work of art: flowers, lamps, candles, and even altars. Some of them have beautiful skirts, behind which the iconic costaleros walk, making us believe that the solemn imagery pieces are walking. Nazarenes and devotees light up the streets with their candles as they pass by. The atmosphere envelops us with delicious aromas of incense and flowers, while the improvised and emotive saetas, a must-witness spectacle during Semana Santa in Malaga, Spain, captivate our senses.

Malaga Festivals

The fervour of the costaleros

A characteristic of Semana Santa in Malaga and Andalusia is the presence of costaleros, although this practice is also observed in other regions of Spain. One way for the brothers, brethren, and penitents to demonstrate their devotion is by participating as costaleros.

In addition to bearing the weight of the float, these devotees must endure long hours of walking from where the journey begins, through the city centre, and then return to the church. They practise almost year-round, and above all, demonstrate profound religious fervour.

Legionarios Semana Santa Málaga
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The arrival of the legionnaires at the Port of Malaga

As Semana Santa progresses, so do the religious stories behind the processions. Each day has its own meaning. From Jesus being welcomed to Nazareth to the prediction of his own death, through the arrest, the passion, etc.

However, one of the most characteristic and iconic moments of Semana Santa in Malaga, Spain, is the arrival at the Port of Malaga and the landing of the Legion of the Christ of Mena. The Legion will parade and transport its Christ of the Good Death according to the route marked each year, while its popular song ‘Novio de la Muerte’ (Bridegroom of Death) and the Legionary Anthem will fill the streets of this city. Undoubtedly, one of the most anticipated events for Malagueños and visitors from other places during these festivities.

Furthermore, during these days, Malaga is even more vibrant and full of life than ever. Numerous restaurants, pubs, and cafes serve Semana Santa typical dishes, including irresistible desserts such as their famous tortas locas (crazy cakes) or the classic torrija (French toast). So if you’re thinking of spending a few days at Semana Santa in Malaga, book now! The influx of visitors is significant, so make sure you experience this wonder!


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