5 great things to do in Malaga at Christmas time!

5 great things to do in Malaga at Christmas time!

5 great things to do in Malaga at Christmas time!

what to do in Malaga at Christmas time

Malaga is a city full of charm all year round. But when Christmas comes, then this wonderful city unfolds all its magic and becomes a beautiful destination not to be missed. The aroma of its streets, the brightness of its lights, the tenderness of its Christmas carols, the flavour of its Christmas sweets… Or the tasty churros con chocolate… How yummy! So if you want to know what to do in Malaga at Christmas time, first of all, take note of these cool things we are going to tell you. And secondly, come to Coeo and enjoy these holidays as you would have never imagined. We are waiting for you!


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1. Let yourself be seduced by the Christmas lighting

One of the first things to do in Malaga is to stroll through the historic centre once night falls and be amazed by the fabulous light show that every year is displayed in this beautiful city through its streets. The most emblematic spots are, of course, in the city centre. So if you stay in any of our Coeo lodging options you will have this magic show just a few steps away from your accommodation!

One of the main points of interest is the famous Calle Larios, which also marks the beginning of Christmas in Malaga with the switching on of its spectacular Christmas lights.

The other place that is also a must-see is La Manquita or the emblematic Cathedral of Malaga. There you can enjoy an impressive light show and video mapping that will certainly amaze you. And remember that from the penthouse of our Coeo Fresca Aparthotel the views of the Cathedral are breathtaking.

In case you prefer a cosy way to see the city lights, hop on the Christmas Lights Bus Tour. You will enjoy a unique perspective on the festive decorations.

2. Stroll the Christmas markets

We are committed to tell you what to do in Malaga at Christmas time for a true experience. So we must remember the typical Christmas markets. Yes, we know that there are markets in all the big cities and they are always very nice. But the Christmas market in Malaga is particularly special.

Is it because of its colour, or because of the sunny day that accompanies it, or because of the good temperatures for this time of the year? Or maybe it’s because of the flavours and aromas that delight your senses as you stroll around its charming little stalls?

Whatever the reason, we are sure that a walk around these magical little stops will make your day even more special. What is more, it is a great opportunity to buy some typical products of our region or some souvenirs for your loved ones.

3. Enjoy the exquisite seasonal gastronomy

Many restaurants offer special Christmas menus featuring traditional Spanish dishes with a Christmas twist. Book a table in advance to savour a festive meal with whoever you like.

Or if you prefer something more informal, join Coeo’s tapas route through the historic centre. You’ll discover the essence of delicious local cuisine in small bites.

Of course, we also advise you to try the traditional Christmas sweets. The turrón, the mantecados, the polvorones are all the most popular treats during the festive season. But you can find a wider variety of seasonal sweets in many bakeries and sweet shops. A must-try is, without a doubt, the churros con chocolate (very hot) after a party night out or whenever you like! You’ll be delighted!

3. Get involved in Christmas traditions

So what to do in Malaga at Christmas time? One of the most advisable plans we suggest is to get involved in the Spanish Christmas traditions. How? First, learn some traditional Christmas carols and sing them with your family or friends. For those interested in religious traditions, attending the Midnight Mass at the Malaga Cathedral on Christmas Eve is a profound experience. The cathedral is beautifully decorated, and the mass is conducted with traditional rituals.

Besides, on the 31st we advise you to join the locals in welcoming the New Year at Plaza de la Constitución. The square comes alive with music, fireworks, and a jubilant atmosphere. Celebrate with the traditional Spanish custom of eating 12 grapes at the stroke of midnight for good luck in the coming year.

Lastly, on the evening of January the 5th, Malaga hosts a spectacular Three Kings Parade, a specific tradition of christian catholics,  which, in any case, everyone likes. Floats, artists and a vibrant procession go around the city handing out sweets and treats to children. It is an unmissable event!

4. Take advantage of the beach and the good weather

While it might not be a typical Christmas activity in other parts of the world, Malaga’s mild climate allows for a relaxing day on the beach. This city boasts more than 320 days of sunshine a year, so if you are looking for a different kind of Christmas, Malaga will be your best option.

Take a leisurely walk along the shore, enjoy the sea breeze, soak in the winter sun. Or simply relax on the Malagueta beach and think of three wishes for Christmas or on your new resolutions for the New Year.


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5. Celebrate Christmas with Coeo

If you are still wondering what to do in Malaga at Christmas time, stop thinking and come to Coeo. As you know, at Coeo we are a community of travellers with a lifestyle that consists of sharing experiences with other travellers and enjoying the little things that life gives us.

And at Christmas, this will continue to be the same… Or even better. So, if you come to Coeo this Christmas, you should know that we are going to prepare a couple of events on the most important dates, in addition to the activities we usually organise during the rest of the year.

On the 24th of December we will do a special Christmas Family dinner.

And on the 31st, we’ll celebrate the traditional Spanish New Year’s eve (with the 12 grapes and so on), and then we’ll have a superb Party 2024 at Studio Club! Are you in?

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