What is a Pod hostel?

What is a Pod hostel?

What is a Pod hostel?

What is a pod hostel

What is a pod hostel? You’ve probably already heard of this type of accommodation, but you’re still wondering what exactly it is and how it differs from a traditional hostel. In the ever-evolving tourism sector, where innovation meets wanderlust, new trends emerge almost constantly. New concepts looking for a way to offer better value for money and unique experiences to travellers.

Coeo Pod Hostel is the first accommodation of its kind to open its doors in Andalusia. Welcome to the world of pod hostels, a totally different lodging solution that is changing the way we travel.

What is a pod hostel

So, what is a pod hostel?

First of all, let us clarify that a pod hostel is not a capsule hotel as there is a substantial difference between them. While a capsule is a bed recessed into the wall, the pods are more like a mini-room, where the guests can stand. Pod hostels are a type of hostel that features many small bed-sized private rooms known as Pods with sufficient height for a guest to be able to stand inside of the pod. Therefore, pods can be opened or closed at will with your own key card access door. This gives you control on your privacy. Like a hostel, many amenities are communally shared, including toilets, showers, wifi, and communal lounge.

Summing up, what is a pod hostel? This new form of accommodation has its origins in Japan. The idea was to offer short, quick stays with a minimum of comfort at an affordable price. To this end, some of the facilities would be for common use. That is toilets, showers, lounges, etc. We could say that this sort of accommodation is a combination of a hotel/inn, and a traditional hostel.

Coeo Pod Hostel in Malaga

And what is Coeo Pod Hostel?

True to our philosophy of life and our love for travelling, at Coeo we wanted to give a little twist to what a pod hostel represents. First of all, and because we consider the comfort of our guests to be essential, we have changed the typical wall capsules for pods that imitate small rooms.

Thus, our single pod has an area of 3 m2 and a bed of 90cm x 190cm. The double pod, on the other hand, has an area of 5 m2 and a double bed of 135cm x 190cm. This also enables the space for a mini-desk and a small shelf or coat rack inside the pods. Of course, our pods are equipped with the technology needed nowadays: free wifi, charging ports and smart locks.

On the other hand, we try to encourage the friendly atmosphere and good vibes of a traditional hostel with several socialising activities. But also by providing a bar in the shared lounge, and a welcome drink to all our guests! Our aim is to offer the privacy of a hotel room but maintaining the spirit of a classic hostel. Apart from the Regina lounge, the common areas at Coeo Pod Hostel are the essential ones, we mean toilets and showers, of course. Except for the family room, which has its own private bathroom.


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What makes us different?

The key is in the following question: what is a pod hostel for our Coeo team? For us a pod hostel is a place where travellers from all over the world share their experiences, a space to enjoy unforgettable moments, a meeting point for friends and people with very similar interests.

That is because at Coeo we are a community of people in love with Malaga, with travelling, with new experiences, with life. We are a place to meet friends while enjoying your stay and experiencing unique moments in our pod hostel or in our luxury apartments in the heart of Malaga, an amazing city.

And that’s why we strive every day to make sure that everyone who stays in our pod hostel, or in our three aparthotels, enjoys a memorable time here and will want to come back for more. That is our goal, and that is precisely what makes us different too.


Would you like to have unique experiences in Malaga? Welcome to Coeo Pod Hostel, a new concept of accommodation, a unique way of travelling!

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