5 of the best attractions in Malaga

5 of the best attractions in Malaga

5 of the best attractions in Malaga

Mejores atracciones Málaga, best attractions in Malaga

Malaga has a rich history and many layers of culture that date back thousands of years. With over 3000 years of human heritage, Malaga is visited all year round. Whatever you like, Malaga has something for you to do. That’s why we’re going to show you five of the best attractions in Malaga, but there’s so much more to do! Discover it

For example, its art scene is vibrant. Malaga is a jewel for artists from all over the world who have come to pay homage to Picasso and learn from his work. There is an endless stream of visitors who come to try the world-renowned traditional cuisine that can be savoured in Malaga. And then its fabulous beaches. Or its rich monumental heritage

Because let’s face it, where else in the world can you visit historical sites and museums in the morning, hang out at the beach all afternoon, and still have time to attend a play and eat dinner? You need more than one day in Malaga to see everything. What’s more, you will need more than one trip to Malaga. And even so, there will always remain a few places to visit. At Coeo we are well aware of this. That’s why we encourage you to stay in any of our accommodations in the city centre and discover the greatness of this city in the heart of the Costa del Sol.

Here are some of the best attractions in Malaga

Malaga Port

1. Muelle Uno – Port of Malaga

16-min walk from our accommodations in the heart of Malaga

One of the best attractions in Malaga, where many locals and tourists stroll every day to enjoy the life and bustle of this area. This port lived through 3000 years of active human use to get to you. Built by Phoenicians for trade, Malaga’s port has attracted some of the world’s greatest powers. From here, the Romans exported iron ores and other metals from the mines of Ronda, olive oil, and garum, a salted fish delicacy, while the Moors exported figs and wine.

Today, the port of Malaga still carries on its excellent commercial activities with front-row shops on the Muelle Uno, a modern shopping complex built on the dock of Malaga. The recently constructed complex is perfect for families with young children to visit. With plenty of gardens, playgrounds, water features and activities, there will be no shortage of entertainment. In addition, the many benches and quiet corners provide the perfect opportunity to sit back and take in the atmosphere.

The design of the whole complex is very modern and sleek. The 420 newly planted palm trees lining the walkway are just a tiny part of the 7400 trees and tropical plants that make up the gardens. The area has a surreal, modern feel that makes Malagueños proud of their city’s newest addition. There is no better place to enjoy an evening stroll and people-watch. This is very different from the old Malaga that many are familiar with.

Best attractions in Malaga: its beaches

2. Malaga Beaches

14-min walk from our accommodations in Malaga city centre

Continuing with the best attractions in Malaga, we should definitely recommend you to visit its fantastic beaches. Through the port of Malaga, there is access to all of the beaches on the coastal city through the Promenade Pablo Ruiz Picasso, a 2.3 km walkway that allows you to see every bit of sand on the beach.

Malaga, a jewel on Spain’s Costa del Sol, is known for its sandy beaches stretching for kilometres. La Malagueta and La Caleta are two of the most popular ones in Malaga. More beaches lay ahead that are quieter outside the city, such as the El Cañuelo and El Peñón Del Cuervo. They offer a wide range of activities, from sunbathing and swimming to water sports and beachside dining. Many of the beaches in Malaga are also equipped with amenities such as showers, restrooms, and beach chairs. 

And with Malaga’s fabulous climate (more than 300 days of sunshine a year), these spots are an ideal place to spend the day alone, with family or friends.You can also go to any of Malaga’s beaches to enjoy an evening of dinner and music by the sea.

Carmen Thyssen

3. Carmen Thyssen Museum

8-min walk from our pod hostel and aparthotels

Another of the best attractions in Malaga are, without a doubt, its museums. The city of Malaga is renowned for its artistic legacy. The birthplace of Pablo Picasso, the city is home to three main art spaces. Namely, Picasso Museum, Thyssen Museum, and the CAC – Contemporary Art Centre. 

For the paintings that must have inspired Pablo Picasso as an artist, you can turn to the Carmen Thyssen Museum. There, you would see Spanish 19th-century art in its full glory. The paintings in the museum are donated by Carmen Cervera. She is an art collector whose collection spans about 3 centuries of art from Spain and Germany, and even Belgium over its three floors of space. The Carmen Thyssen museum possesses art from some of Spain’s traditional artists that captured the purity of the Spanish heritage.

The Thyssen Museum is worth a visit. Not just because the art is good, but these artists are one of the few windows that show us what Spain used to be like and how much it has transformed.

Teatro Romano de Málaga

4. Teatro Romano

6-min walk from our pod hostel and aparthotels in Malaga

Malaga, a historic city, is home to quite a number of ancient architecture that instantly takes you back to the past. One sight of the Teatro Romano and you can imagine actors playing out scenes from the popular Roman stories we know and love.

The Teatro Romano is one of Malaga’s oldest ruins. Built in a colosseum style, the theatre was where the Romans came to see plays or held public events during their time at Malaga. Right now, it is missing some stones as builders of the Alcazaba fortress excavated stones from it to build their defences. However, the structure still puts on a show some nights even after 200 years. Tourists often stop by the Teatro Romano to see plays and relive ancient times. Undoubtedly, one of the best attractions in Malaga. 

Mejores atracciones Málaga, Atarazanas Market

5. Atarazanas market

12-min walk from our accommodations in the centre of Malaga

The Atarazanas market in Malaga is open from Monday to Saturday, 8 AM to 3 PM. Just taking a walk through the market, with its sights, sounds and tastes, is worth waking up early for. This market, the largest in the city, is a real tourist highlight and one of the best attractions in Malaga. It is a real pleasure to stroll around its stalls and its small bars, where the fresh produce is cooked at the moment.

As a curious fact, let us tell you that the Atarazanas market was not always a market. It had been a military barracks and then a hospital. But everyone agrees that it was always meant to be a market. You can find all the fruits, vegetables, and spices you would expect in the Mediterranean at the Atarazanas market, plus more. There is even a section that feels like you have been transported back to the mediaeval era. Such is how rich and varied the Atarazanas market is!

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Malaga has more to offer…

So if you’ve never been here before, what are you waiting for? And if you’ve been here before, you’ll know that there’s always something to discover. Probably, you’ll also know that everything will be easier if you stay in our pod hostel. Or in one of our aparthotels in the centre of Malaga. Are you up for it?

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