Back to work? Come to Coeo Pod Hostel, an ideal accommodation for digital nomads in Malaga

Back to work? Come to Coeo Pod Hostel, an ideal accommodation for digital nomads in Malaga

Back to work? Come to Coeo Pod Hostel, an ideal accommodation for digital nomads in Malaga

Community at the Hostel in Malaga

Summer comes to its end and most of us are already back to work and the frightening daily routine. But who said that going back to our working tasks and habits was boring? Moreover if you are a digital nomad. In that case, restarting your professional days after holidays can be almost a dream. How come? It’s easy, Choose Coeo Pod Hostel, a perfect accommodation for digital nomads in Malaga. Do you want to know why? Let ‘s go!

Bed at Coeo pod hostel, an ideal accommodation for digital nomads in Malaga

Individual pods for your privacy

Hostels are accommodations that normally cater to a diverse range of travellers, including backpackers, solo travellers, and, yes, digital nomads. Unlike other types of accommodations, hostels emphasise communal living, often providing shared dormitory-style rooms, kitchens, and common areas.

However, at Coeo Pod Hostel we know how valuable privacy is. Therefore, many of our pods are single to guarantee our guests maximum privacy; perfect for solo travellers. The rest are either double pods (ideal for couples), or even family rooms with private bathroom. These ones are a great option for families or friends who prefer to share the room.

People in the shared space from our Malaga Hostel

Friendly atmosphere

As we have just remarked, one of the advantages of choosing Coeo Pod Hostel also for your remote working days is the fantastic friendly atmosphere you will find here. We are pretty convinced that workers are much more efficient if the ambiance is relaxed and pleasant; in short, the adequate one.

Our Coeo guests (coming from all over the world) love the atmosphere in our hostel. As you get a feeling of tranquillity, relaxation and friendliness. Good vibes that will definitely help you to perform your work tasks better.

Hostel in Malaga coworking space, an ideal accommodation for digital nomads in Malaga

Connectivity and comfort

Obviously, an accommodation for digital nomads (in Malaga and everywhere) has to have good connectivity and comfortable common areas. And that’s exactly what we offer you at Coeo. Free WI-FI in the pods, apart from a fast and secure connection, and superb common areas to both work and disconnect when necessary. Also, inside your private pod you will find usb plug and connectors.

Disconnect and enjoy your stay with Coeo

Social activities and community

Another special thing that makes us different at Coeo is the social activities that we offer. We have created an authentic Coeo Community composed by locals as well as travellers from everywhere in the world. The result is a great community with similar interests and a common desire to experience unique moments, and share them with the cool people they meet along the way.

Our accommodation for digital nomads in Malaga offers you a great friendly atmosphere with lots of interesting activities for you to disconnect from your work whenever you want. What can be better than a yoga session on the beach after a hard day in front of the computer? And what about going for a group run to release the stress of the day? Or play an exciting beach volley match with your new friends? Fancy a fun tapas tour around the historic centre with us? Or what if we visit La Alcazaba and soak up the history and culture of Malaga? All this and much more is what you have the opportunity to enjoy with Coeo.

Calle Larios

Unbeatable location

It’s true that some digital workers choose remote places to enjoy privacy and tranquillity. But this way they may have to renounce some comforts and advantages that the city provides. That’s why we think that Coeo is an ideal accommodation for digital nomads in Malaga. Because we offer what you need in the heart of a fantastic city with lots of possibilities.

Our three aparthotels and our pod hostel enjoy a privileged location right in the centre of Malaga, a stone’s throw from the main monuments and tourist attractions, and equally close to the city’s beautiful main beach and the port. What more could you ask for?

Coeo Pod hotel, a perfect accommodation for digital nomads in Malaga


Digital nomadism is also about maintaining a balanced budget while being away in a place one loves. Our pod hostel offers unbeatable value for money being, as it is in fact, in the centre of such a visited and touristy city. By opting for a single pod room instead of a private hotel room, you can save significantly on your travel budget. And, of course, always getting good quality in the services provided.

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Coeo Pod Hostel is definitely a great accommodation for digital nomads, as it provides both the privacy of a hotel room with the great atmosphere of a hostel. Apart from an optimal environment for stress-free work and an unbeatable location for you to disconnect whenever you need it. What else;)? 

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