8 interesting facts about Malaga you’ll love to know!

8 interesting facts about Malaga you’ll love to know!

8 interesting facts about Malaga you’ll love to know!

Interesting facts about Malaga

Surely you are in love with Malaga, as we are at Coeo. This incredible city has everything you could be looking for or wishing for. Malaga is art, history, culture, tradition, gastronomy and so many other things… Come with Coeo along this interesting journey in which we will tell you some curious and fun facts about Malaga that you probably ignore. Let’s go there!

1. Malaga is one of the oldest cities in the world

With almost three thousand years of history. One of the main reasons for this was its privileged location on the western shore of the Mediterranean Sea. Apparently, the first civilization to establish a settlement in Malaga was an Iberian tribe. But what is sure is that later on the Phoenicians established a trading post here around 770 BC. They called the city ‘Malaka’, which could mean salt, but it is still far from proven.

Nowadays, Malaga has grown a lot in just a few years, and it has an incredible projection. Quite a few tech companies, including Google, have chosen our wonderful city to establish their offices. So the new Malaka is now a paradise for digital nomads too!

Interesting facts about Malaga

2. Malagueños or Boquerones

Those who are born in Malaga are commonly known as boquerones (one of the words for anchovy). And of course, anchovies are a local delicacy, crispy fried, marinated in olive oil, or pickled in vinegar. They are often served either as tapas or full dish in many bars and chiringuitos (beach bars) in the city.

3. The city’s cathedral is called La Manquita

Or the One-Armed Lady. One of the most interesting facts about Malaga is the asymmetry of its cathedral. And unsurprisingly the friendly name given to it. This iconic monument has an unfinished second tower, which gives this stunning piece of art a unique appearance. Enjoy this jewel of the culture and architecture of Malaga right at your doorstep at Coeo’s accommodations.

4. The sea even reached the Atarazanas Market

And like many cities with a port, Malaga has gained a lot of land to the sea. Thus, the Paseo del Parque, the Plaza de la Marina and a large part of the port area were once land. What is more, it is said that in the Arab period in Malaga, the sea reached as far as the Atarazanas, that is, the area now occupied by the city’s most famous market.

5. Malaga is the birthplace of many artists

Following our list of fun facts about Malaga, we have to highlight the popularity of its artists. For example, the worldly famous painter Pablo Picasso, or the iconic actor and showman Antonio Banderas, among a few others. Thus, a must-visit in Malaga is the Picasso Museum or even Picasso’ birth house.

Concerning scenic arts, Malaga counts on numerous theatres, galleries, and cultural events throughout the year. Banderas himself has his own theatre in the city, the Soho CaixaBank theatre, where he produces, acts, and eventually sings and dances. Actually, Malaga is a cultural hub, with lots of important museums and theatres for all tastes.

Interesting facts about Malaga , calle Larios

6. Calle Larios also wears a red carpet

During a special event such as the Malaga Film Festival every year in March. This festival celebrates Spanish cinema and is a truly significant happening in the city ‘s cultural calendar. During the Malaga Fashion Week, the red carpet along Calle Larios turns blue.

7. Malaga enjoys over 300 days of sunshine a year

What makes it one of the sunniest cities in Europe but also in the world. In fact, Malaga ranks ninth in terms of the city with the most hours of sunshine per day on average in the world. 11,34 sun hours, exactly like Seville. One of the most interesting fun facts about Malaga and one of the reasons why this city is so visited all year!


8. Coeo Pod hostel is the first pod-style hostel in Andalusia

And we hope it will be your favourite one! We feel to finish our list of interesting facts about Malaga telling you how original our accommodation is. In the heart of the historic centre, Coeo Pod hostel offers the privacy of a hotel room but keeping the good vibes and the cool atmosphere of a traditional hostel. Would you give it a try? You’ll love it!


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