6 Benefits of Volunteering in Malaga with Coeo local community

6 Benefits of Volunteering in Malaga with Coeo local community

6 Benefits of Volunteering in Malaga with Coeo local community

Volunteering in Malaga

You would be surprised to know how many benefits volunteering has. We are talking about the community or place in which you decide to spend your time altruistically, yes. But also about the positive effects it will have on your own person. At Coeo we are a community of travellers and local people who often do some volunteering in Malaga. As we are seriously committed to take care of the environment and the beautiful place we are lucky enough to live in.

We are aware that our busy daily lives leave us little time to dedicate to community engagement or volunteering. However, when we are on a holiday or getaway, it can be a great idea to cooperate and help the place we visit in some way. After all, these actions will also have a positive impact on us too. That’s why we at Coeo are convinced that volunteering in Malaga during your stay can be a great experience. But of course, it is always up to you! Want to know all the benefits of volunteering in Malaga with Coeo?

Volunteering in Malaga with Coeo team
Our staff and part of our Coeo local community

Volunteering in Malaga with Coeo

Our way of volunteering in Malaga is mainly to free our city, its beaches and its natural surroundings from plastic and rubbish, which are so harmful and unwanted for the environment and the planet. At Coeo we are in love with our city and all the beauty it has to offer. That is why we are conscious and try to make our clients and friends aware of the importance of taking care of Malaga and keeping it as beautiful as it is. So, once a month we organise different volunteering experiences. For example, walking through different areas to pick up garbage and collect everything that pollutes, damages and spoils the city. Also, we prepare donation campaigns to get clothes for those who may need them. Or simply organise a leisure day to share it with children. Are you up for it?

Enjoy volunteering in Malaga with Coeo
Volunteering has many benefits for both body and mind

Benefits of volunteering

Whether you want to help others or the planet, volunteering is just an amazing experience that will bring you quite a few benefits. These are the most important ones. And all this without considering the importance and positive impact of these actions on the community and the environment.

1.Volunteering relieves stress. And it also alleviates other symptoms and consequences related to our current way of life, such as loneliness or bad moods. We are so used to spending our time indoors surrounded by screens, gadgets and apps that we scarcely have time to appreciate people, nature and moments outdoors. Our jobs leave us very little time to devote to such rewarding tasks as volunteering. But once we decide to participate in this activity, even once, we find it incredibly fulfilling and it becomes the best remedy against stress.

2. It facilitates your personal growth. As it clearly improves your self-esteem, self-confidence and even some skills such as language. If you are from abroad, volunteering in Malaga can be an excellent opportunity to practise and improve your language skills.

Help the planet by volunteering in Malaga with Coeo
Take part in our voluntering activities and meet more committed travellers

3. Volunteering in Malaga helps you to connect with people. And of course, make new friends. These connections can be valuable personally but also for your professional development. Either way, you will feel more immersed in the community and connected to the locals.

4. It is good for your body too. Volunteering in Malaga with the Coeo local community will be a very enjoyable exercise session. We will walk in groups through the city, along its streets and slopes, on the sandy beach or in the surrounding nature. Are you ready to get fit while contributing to environmental care?

Coeo local communtyLive the most authentic experiences with Coeo local community

5. You will experience the city from a different perspective. Malaga offers a rich cultural experience and at Coeo we are aware of this. Far beyond the most visited places, Malaga is full of fascinating hidden spots. Participating in one of our volunteer excursions will give you the opportunity to discover the city from a different point of view. You will love it.

6. You will have more rewarding and meaningful experiences. Volunteering in Malaga will make you feel more fulfilled, as you will enjoy a wonderful holiday while you contribute your time and effort to the community. Get a rewarding sense of achievement and purpose by practising true sustainable tourism with Coeo.


In short, if you wish to spend an amazing holiday in Malaga, come to Coeo accommodations. Remember that we offer a wide variety of leisure activities and experiences of all kinds that aim to create a positive impact on you, the community and the environment. Discover Coeo’s experiences, your stay here will be unforgettable and you will be eager to repeat it.

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