Coeo, an official sponsor of the Moments Festival in Malaga in its 10th anniversary

Coeo, an official sponsor of the Moments Festival in Malaga in its 10th anniversary

Coeo, an official sponsor of the Moments Festival in Malaga in its 10th anniversary

Moments Festivals in Malaga

Malaga is a city that has it all. Its history, its art, its culture are nearly omnipresent in every corner. Moments Festival in Malaga is just a further confirmation of the cultural hub that this amazing city has become.

Also, at Coeo we are in love with art, culture, music and performing arts. That’s why this year, in its tenth anniversary, we have decided to be official sponsor of the fantastic Moments Festival in Malaga.

What is Moments Festival

This festival will take you to discover different contemporary and popular urban cultures through their own artistic expression. We are talking about popular subcultures such as punk rock, skateboarding, surfing, graffiti, jazz, or even flamenco…

The Moments Festival in Malaga offers you an explosion of art and culture in the form of design, music, film, photography, fashion, mural painting, literature, crafts… And an endless number of ways to transmit and love art and culture.

So, be ready to enjoy a programme that offers almost 200 activities and will feature nearly 300 of the most diverse artists!

When it takes place

The tenth edition of the Moments Festival begins on 13 October and runs until 25 November. This year it will be held simultaneously in three venues:

Malaga: From 13th October to 18th November 2023

Seville: From 23rd to 28th October 2023

Madrid: From 21st to 25th November 2023

Coeo Pod Hostel

Coeo’s highlights

As we just told you, the Moments Festival in Malaga has prepared a lot of fun activities for you. But at Coeo we want to highlight some of our favourite ones.

Fantastic opening concert in a unique and magical location with the best views of the city. An unmissable event!

Every month at Coeo we organise art expos with urban artists from everywhere in the world. This time, during the Moments Festival in Malaga, it’s time for Dioni to show us his artistic talent!

In collaboration with another Malaga festival, Suma, Moments Festival will celebrate its 10th anniversary with a spectacular concert that you will absolutely adore.


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Coeo’s engagement with art and culture

At Coeo, we are much more than just charming and comfortable accommodations in the centre of Malaga. In fact, Coeo is a local community of travellers from all over the world who love to share authentic experiences. And one of these experiences is, without a doubt, our love for art and culture. In this sense, at Coeo Pod Hostel we are proud and pleased to host art exhibitions, usually of painting but sculpture too, by alternative urban artists. Also, some of our Apartments Hotels are decorated with a few art pieces we have acquired from these artists.

Besides, our Coeo local community organises a wide variety of activities related to the culture and history of the city. Or related to sport and nature, leisure and fun. A whole range of possibilities that, we hope, will become memorable experiences for our guests.

This year we have taken another step forward in our passion for art and culture. We have become official sponsors of the Moments Festival in Malaga, a great pleasure for the whole Coeo team. And we will be thrilled to see how our valued guests enjoy the fabulous venues that this great Moments Festival in Malaga has for them all.

Stay with us in any of our Coeo accommodations and come to Coeo Pod Hostel to see the special conditions for Coeo guests for the 10th edition of the Moments Festival in Malaga!!


In love with art and culture? Come to Coeo and enjoy Malaga in a unique way!

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