Travelling to Malaga, Coeo’s tips!

Travelling to Malaga, Coeo’s tips!

Travelling to Malaga, Coeo’s tips!

What to do in Malaga city? Some salsa lessons?

We are pretty sure that travelling to Malaga will be sooner or later on your wish list. As this worldwide known city has lots of attractions that suit the needs and preferences of millions of national and international tourists coming from everywhere.

At Coeo, we are in love with this fab city, and we would like you to experience its true charm too. That’s why we are giving you a few tips to make the best of your trip to Malaga! Here they come!

Tips for travelling to Malaga

Travelling to Malaga, Coeo Team

1. Stay at Coeo

And get your welcome drink at our 24 hour reception at Coeo Pod Hostel. Whether you stay in our aparthotels or our hostel, enjoy the atmosphere of our Coeo local community. Come and have a welcome drink with us. It’s a great way to find out what’s going on in Coeo, see what activities we have planned for you, meet other travellers, and even make new friends. It’ll be the perfect start for your trip.


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2. Discover the historic centre on foot

Of course, if you’re travelling to Malaga, you will definitely have to visit the most emblematic monuments. We are aware that this is something rather typical and normally overcrowded, but this is so because it is well worth it. In short, it is a must-see. We mean the Cathedral (la Manquita), the Alcazaba and the Castle of Gibralafaro, the Roman Theatre, the Picasso Museum and his birthplace, and so on. Enjoy a pleasant walk under the Malaga sun, which accompanies us for more than 300 days a year.

Calle Larios, travelling to Malaga

3. Go shopping along the famous Calle Larios

Maybe you find shopping a bit dull. Or perhaps you are short of time to visit the city. But if you have the chance, at Coeo we recommend that you take a stroll along Calle Larios and visit the local shops, enjoy the vibrant atmosphere, and look for souvenirs to always remember this experience of travelling to Malaga. Moreover, if you are here at festive times such as Christmas, the Malaga Film Festival or the Malaga Fair, you will see how Calle Larios is beautifully dressed up.

Art expo at Coeo Pod Hostel

4. Treat yourself to some art

Travelling to Malaga means visiting a city with a rich artistic culture. Picasso art, urban art, contemporary art, whatever you prefer. The Picasso Museum and his birthplace house are a must. So are the Thyssen Museum and the Pompidou Centre. And in case you fancy some local art, enjoy Coeo’s art exhibitions, where urban artists show their art pieces. A street art tour is also a good idea. Discover Malaga strolling through the murals and graffiti that adorn its streets. Many local and international artists have contributed to the city’s urban art scene.

Salsa dancing with Coeo

5. Learn some Flamenco, Spanish guitar or Salsa

Immerse yourself in the purest Andalusian culture by attending a flamenco dance or a Spanish guitar workshop. Several places in Malaga offer classes where you can learn the first steps of this emblematic musical style so typical of this land. If you’re more into Latin dances, you can also join Coeo’s salsa classes in the Port of Malaga, where you’ll have a great time! As you can see, travelling to Malaga goes beyond visiting the main tourist attractions.

Malaga beaches

6. Relax on the beaches

With its extensive coastline, Malaga offers several beautiful beaches where you can unwind and enjoy the sun (in winter too)! The Malagueta Beach, close to the city centre and less than 15 minutes walk from our different accommodations, is a popular choice. Take a leisurely beachfront promenade and enjoy the chiringuitos offering refreshing drinks and delicious seafood and fish. Another nice option is to come with us and relax with a yoga session by the sea, or keep fit with some sport training also with the Mediterranean sea in the background.

7. Visit the Treasure Cave

If you’re travelling to Malaga and would like to discover the area beyond the city itself, we suggest you explore this natural monument, located in the neighbourhood of Rincón de la Victoria, about 10 km from the city of Málaga. These underground caves are unique in Europe and one of the three in total in the entire world. They feature a mixture of geological formations and archaeological remains that indeed will surprise you. There are quite a few more interesting must-visit places in the region, such as the Caminito del Rey, Ronda, the Torcal de Antequera, or the Nerja Caves. At Coeo, we organise day trips to some of this places. Ask us!

Coeo Pod hostel

8. The traditional Spanish siesta

Embrace the local lifestyle by trying the traditional Spanish siesta, almost a must especially in summer. It can be a good time to enjoy the sun on the beach, for example, or simply to relax. Most shops and also many tourist attractions close for about two to three hours at lunchtime, allowing both locals and visitors to rest during the hottest part of the day. Keep this in mind when you plan your schedule when travelling to Malaga.

So if you want to have unique experiences when travelling to Malaga, put these tips into practice and stay at Coeo. We will do our best for you to enjoy the best holidays!


Travelling to Malaga? Ready for an unforgettable stay? Welcome to Coeo!

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