5 New Year’s resolutions for travel lovers!

5 New Year’s resolutions for travel lovers!

5 New Year’s resolutions for travel lovers!

New Year's resolutions for travellers

As the calendar moves on, many of us set out to improve our lives in the year ahead. If you’re passionate of exploration, making New Year’s resolutions for travellers can be an exciting and satisfying way to set some appealing goals for the months ahead. Whether you’re a seasoned globetrotter or a beginner travel enthusiast, consider these travel resolutions we propose from Coeo to make this new year a period of unforgettable adventures. Let’s go!

New Year’s resolutions for travellers by Coeo

New Year's resoltuions for travellers

1. Travel more and better

The first of our New Year’s resolutions for travellers is, of course, to travel more. To travel a little more often, even if our stays are shorter. Trying to enjoy those little moments of disconnection, so good for us. A weekend, a bank holiday, that day when we are allowed to work remotely…

The world is full of charming places and we’re sure there are still many lovely spots for you to discover. Closer or further away, it goes without saying that if you travel more and better, you will learn to find the magic of each place you visit. Even if it is near your home, or although you have already visited it before.

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2. Be a more responsible traveller

We are serious. In the age of environmental awareness, perhaps we should consider putting sustainability at the heart of our travel intentions. As long as they are available, opt for green options, be respectful of the place you are visiting too, and choose means of transport with a lower carbon footprint.

There are also other ways to be a responsible traveller. For example, by doing some volunteering. At Coeo, we organise monthly volunteering events in Malaga, where all those guests and friends who want to join in are, in fact, very welcome. With this proposal you have the opportunity to generate a positive impact on the destination and its people. As you know, being aware of your environmental impact while travelling helps to preserve the beauty of the places you visit for future generations.


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3. Travel in a more authentic way

And embrace spontaneity when it is possible. As these unplanned experiences can hold many pleasant surprises and leave a great impression on you. Yes, we agree that planning is crucial. But some of the best travel experiences happen when you go off the beaten path. Be open to unexpected opportunities, and savour the unique moments that make each journey memorable.

So for your next trip, how about staying at Coeo and being amazed by all the fun leisure activities, culture, art, sport and much more we have to offer? You will discover Malaga in a truly authentic way!

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4. Enjoy the travel stories of fellow travellers

The fourth of our New Year’s resolutions for travellers is to reward yourself with the pleasure of meeting new people. Make up your mind to socialise with other travellers and locals. Join travel communities, attend local events or participate in group activities. Sharing experiences with other people can lead to lifelong friendships and provide valuable insights into different perspectives and cultures.

At Coeo this is exactly what we aim to offer you. Coeo is a local community of travel lovers from all over the world who are willing to share their experiences in the form of great moments with other people. Coeo Pod Hostel can be a good place to do it. Will you join us in this adventure?


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5. Learn to dance

To finish off our list of New Year’s resolutions for travellers, we’d like to suggest something a little more fun, if that’s possible! How about learning to dance salsa?

Well, the truth is that it is irrelevant if it is salsa or just some yoga. The point is to do new things. But for real. Step out of your comfort zone and try activities that push your boundaries. Whether it’s practising yoga, learning to dance, singing in the Coeo karaoke, or trying a local delicacy you normally skip, experiencing new things enriches your travel story and creates lasting memories. And at Coeo we have plenty of proposals to surprise you with! Want to find out?


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