Top Festivals in Malaga city in autumn!

Top Festivals in Malaga city in autumn!

Top Festivals in Malaga city in autumn!

Festivals in Malaga

At Coeo, we are proud -and delighted:)- to find ourselves in such a vibrant city as Malaga. An artistic and cultural hub where every year we attend an increasing number of venues and events of all kinds. So if you’re planning to visit the city -or you’re already here-, let us bring you up to date on some of the most outstanding festivals in Malaga this autumn. Alternative festivals with a wide variety of exciting activities that will make you live some incredible days enjoying the most authentic and coolest Malaga.

Our Top Festivals in Malaga for this autumn

Malaga, the charming city in southern Spain, is much more than beautiful beaches, historic sites and a vibrant coastal nightlife. It is also a huge and thriving arts scene that comes alive during its various festivals. Join us to discover the colourful world of artistic, cultural and creative expression that awaits you in the city this autumn!

Moments Festival 10th edition

Malaga, from the October, 13th, to November, the 18th 23

One of our favourite festivals in Malaga, the Moments Festival celebrates its 10th anniversary. this year. And Coeo is proud to be the official sponsor of this fantastic venue!!! More than a month in which you will enjoy more than 100 cultural activities of all kinds. From concerts to art exhibitions, film screenings, street art and many other things for you to explore the city as you have never imagined.

What is more and what makes this event even more exceptional is that, as valued guests of Coeo, you can benefit from a lot of conditions and advantages. For example, enjoying urban art exhibitions directly in our Pod hostel among many other benefits. Contact us for further information!

Have a look at these dates, for instance:

October, the 13th : Official launch of the festival. Concert at the Gibralfaro Castle.

October, the 19th: Denis Lajuper- Art exhibition at Coeo Pod hostel

October, the 20th: Live music at Sala Marte to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Festival.

Festivals in Malaga

Welcome to the festival of contemporary and popular urban subcultures, and let yourself be captivated by graffiti, design, music, photography, crafts… Be ready to experience art and culture in the most genuine way!! As the organisers say, at the Moments Festival you will have the opportunity to discover a variety of “proposals that tend to escape from the established and have little place in cultural and educational centres and other artistic spaces in our territory, and that are 100% authentic and fascinating.” Are you up for it?

Check the calendar here, and get ready to live unique experiences with the best festivals in Malaga this autumn.


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Suma Festival

Malaga, from the 19th to the 21st October 23

Going on with our favourite festivals in Malaga, we have to bring you the great Suma. Suma Festival is a short but fantastic venue featuring a variety of fabulous events during these 4 days in 4 different spaces.

Just to mention that on the 20th October, Suma & Moments will offer a cooperative event in Sala Marte. Keep on the loop here!


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Malaga Jazz Festival

Malaga, from the 19th to the 21st October 23

One of the most importants music festivals in Malaga, the Jazz Festival takes place in November, and for 6 days you’ll have the chance to listen to the best international artists in the Cervantes Theatre. You can check all the programmed jazz venues here.

So, if you are a jazz lover, book your stay at Coeo and get ready to groove to the smooth tunes of jazz in the heart of Malaga. Local and international jazz musicians come together to create an unforgettable musical experience. Amazing!!!

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Coeo also is honoured to be an official sponsor of two of the festivals we bring you today. It will be a great new discovery, you’ll see. So, what are you waiting for to book your accommodation in the heart of the city and enjoy these amazing venues?

Wish to live the best experiences? Come to Coeo and enjoy the best Festivals in Malaga and an unforgettable stay!

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