Looking for good value for money hotels in Malaga in the heart of the city? Welcome to Coeo!

Looking for good value for money hotels in Malaga in the heart of the city? Welcome to Coeo!

Looking for good value for money hotels in Malaga in the heart of the city? Welcome to Coeo!

Main entrance at Coeo Parras, value for money hotels Malaga

Are you looking for good value for money hotels in Malaga? Would you like to be as close as possible to the city centre and the main tourist attractions? We agree that Malaga has plenty of options to lodge during your breaks, holidays or business trips. Being a city that offers so many opportunities and leisure proposals, it is common that whenever you look for accommodation, you face an over offer of lodging. And in the end, the more options you consider, the less easy it is to choose the right one.

Our Coeo team has a vast experience offering good value for money accommodation in Malaga, plus fantastic leisure activities for our guests to share with us a fabulous stay and chill vibrant experience.

Anyway, if you still have any doubts about how to get the best value for money hotels in Malaga (or wherever you may travel), let us give you a few simple tips on how to spot your dream accommodation that best suits your needs and preferences.

Parras views
Parras, a great value for money apartments hotel

Define your main preferences

We mean that before choosing a place to stay, you would better know exactly what type of property you are looking for. A sophisticated hotel room, a fully equipped apartment hotel, a lively hostel, a trendy inn… Once you really know what you fancy for your stay in Malaga, then your research would be much more successful. At Coeo you’ll find all that and much more! From a comfortable pod room in our pod hostel to a luxury apartment in any of our apartment hotels, apart from the best experiences you’ve ever had!

Set your budget

A must! Otherwise you may feel disappointed when comparing different available possibilities. Establish your price range and filter the results, and you will always get a place within your budget expectations.

Check the website of the accommodation

Instead of comparing on the different platforms available on the Internet, if you want to get good value for money hotels, we suggest you visit the property’s website. Apart from getting better rates most of the time, you will have a clearer idea of what the accommodation is like, the services it provides and the experiences it offers.

Have a look at the reviews

Even more if you wish to find a good value for money hotel in Malaga city centre. As many travellers leave useful comments on several topics that may interest you. As well as the property’s answers, which shows they care about the satisfaction of their guests. Also, you will get an overall idea of how people enjoyed their stay at that particular place.

Coeo Parras apartotel, a great value for money hotel Malaga
Stunning sunsets from the Parras terrace

Location is a good point

Something that may be crucial to make your holiday a great and unforgettable experience! Being at a walking distance from the main tourist attractions really pays off. Therefore, this factor often makes hotel rates less attractive. However, when searching for good value for money hotels in Malaga in the city centre, check Coeo’s accommodations. All of them are located very close to any point in the heart of Malaga. 

Value the services and experiences the accommodations offers you

At Coeo, we are a local community of national and international travellers who love to share the best experiences together. And that is why we believe that an accommodation is more than a place to sleep. That is why, for us, good value for money hotels, apartments or hostels have to provide their guests with vibrant and chill experiences during their stay. Keep this in mind when looking for a room!

Once you have checked all these points, we are sure you will find it easy to get the best value for money accommodation in the centre of Malaga. Like our Parras Apartments Hotel, one of the best options, concerning value for money, in the city centre. Or our fantastic Coeo Pod Hostel, a different concept of lodging but a great opportunity if you wish to meet new friends. You’re sure to love them!

Bedroom at one of Parras apartments
Coeo Parras apartments have excellent value for money

Parras Apartments Hotel

Parras Apartments stands out for its unbeatable value for money. Luxury, design, elegance and glamour are the top features of this aparthotel in the very heart of Malaga. If you are looking for good value for money hotels, then this is, definitely, your ideal accommodation. Spend a wonderful stay in this fantastic place, enjoy privacy and maximum comfort, and join us at Coeo Pod Hostel to share fun experiences with our local community of friends.

Coeo Pod hsotel atmosphere
Coeo Pod Hostel, great fun experiences to share with other travellers like you

Coeo Pod Hostel

Welcome to a new concept of accommodation in which the main thing is to share experiences, have fun, and enjoy life! At Coeo Pod Hostel, we offer pod rooms of different capacities and common areas to share with some other travellers like you. If you are more of a hostel than a hotel person, then Coeo Pod Hostel will be your favourite, your best option. And of course, with an excellent quality-price ratio. We’re waiting for you!

As you can see, at Coeo we know how to provide you with a perfect and enjoyable stay in Malaga. And that’s why we offer our guests several lodging options, apart from the two mentioned above, and a great variety of fun activities to share with the Coeo community.

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Choose the Coeo accommodation that meets your needs, and get ready to live amazing times from the very heart of this wonderful city. You’ll love the experience!

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