A practical guide for Solo Travellers in Malaga

A practical guide for Solo Travellers in Malaga

A practical guide for Solo Travellers in Malaga

Solo travellers in Malaga

Travelling alone is very different from enjoying a destination with a partner, family or friends. It depends on the place you choose, but usually solo travelling can be a very rewarding experience. Solo travellers in Malaga, for example, are a very common tourist profile in the city. Because Malaga has it all: beaches, culture, tradition, gastronomy, art, partying, and a large community of travellers from all over the world, eager to live unforgettable experiences and share them with people with the same interests. For these and many other reasons, Malaga is one of the most attractive destinations for thousands and thousands of travellers every year, a large number of whom are solo travellers.

The Coeo team is part of a local community of people from all over the world. And we know how interesting and fabulous travelling alone can be. That’s why today we’re giving you some tips for your next solo travel experience in Malaga. You will adore it!

Coeo Pod hostel common areas
Coeo Pod hostel is the perfect place to meet new friends

Choose the adequate accommodation

When choosing your accommodation, keep in mind that solo travellers in Malaga often prefer hostels for their stay here. The atmosphere in these places and the community you may encounter in the common areas are a good way to experience the city and share good times with your new friends.

At Coeo Pod Hostel we are a community of local people coming from everywhere in the world. And we organise lots of activities for our guests to live unique experiences during their stay with us. If you look for more privacy, keep in mind that in many hostels (also at Coeo’s) you have the choice to book rooms with your own bathroom. In addition, you can also stay at any of our Coeo Apartments hotels, all of them fully equipped. At Coeo any accommodation you choose will provide you with a fantastic social experience.

Be flexible

There are occasions when flexibility should be your guide, and travelling alone in a wonderful city like Malaga is one of them. Relax your schedule and avoid planning too much. Stroll around and see what’s going on in the city. You may find interesting alternative proposals or simply spend more time in a place you fancy staying a little longer.

Coeo accommodation, a perfect place for solo travellers in Malaga
Interact with locals to exprience the city in a different way

Talk to local people

Unless you prefer to have a really solitary trip, we advise you to connect with local people. Ask them for some indications if you need them. Or get into the local shops and little family businesses. Let them suggest you the best spots in Malaga or the unusual places worth a visit. We are sure you will discover the city from a different but authentic perspective.

Read reviews

A good thing for solo travellers in Malaga is to be informed beforehand about the leisure options and everything related to them. For example, regarding tourist attractions or main spots, it will be very useful to know if a monument might require a waiting queue to get in. Or if it is better to visit another attraction at a certain hour, or even if a place is hosting a special event, venue or exhibition. You will be able to organise your time more adequately.

Museums, another attraction for solo travellers in Malaga
Explore the city in different ways

Search for different guided tours

One of the tips for solo travellers in Malaga is that you explore the city from different points of view. Guided tours are an optimal choice. You can have a walking tour but also get a tourist bus and get an overall view of the place. Book one of the must-see attractions tours, yes, but we suggest you search for other different and unusual proposals. Such as the walking tours we organise at Coeo Pod hostel, where we take you to our favourite places in the heart of Malaga, including our top three tapas bars!

Salsa lessons on the port with Coeo
Join our Coeo local community!

Participate in leisure activities

As a solo traveller in Malaga, and if you want to make the most of your trip, you have to join and enjoy a few leisure activities apart from visiting the main attractions. Malaga offers a wide variety of options to choose the ideal proposal to your liking. Beaches, art, nightlife, gastronomy, music, etc. A music festival, a sports event, salsa lessons, even volunteering can be a fantastic experience and you will be helping the community and the environment!

At Coeo, we organise plenty of activities for our guests, like salsa dancing in the port, or yoga lessons on the beach. Also, we go running in groups, or do some trekking tours or trips to natural spots in the region. Joining our local community of travellers can be a great experience!

Always keep safe

Travelling alone to urban destinations such as Malaga is quite safe. And that’s why many solo travellers choose our city for their trips. However, it is advisable to keep an eye on your belongings, mainly when you are on the beach, for example, or in a crowded public transport. Nightlife is also very safe in Malaga, but remember to always use your common sense.

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