Fancy an Art & Music festival in Malaga? Moments Festival is still going on!

Fancy an Art & Music festival in Malaga? Moments Festival is still going on!

Fancy an Art & Music festival in Malaga? Moments Festival is still going on!

Art & Music festival in Malaga

Malaga has a vibrant energy, apart from a rich history, a deep cultural heritage, and an undeniable charm. Each year, the city comes alive with several events that are an extra incentive to visit this amazing city. If you are looking for an art & music festival in Malaga, you’re in luck, as the enchanting Moments Festival is still goin on! Join us and enjoy a celebration that transcends boundaries, bringing together locals and visitors alike to revel in a tapestry of art, music, and community spirit.

An Art & Music Festival in Malaga not to miss

We have already talked to you about Moments Festival, an art and music festival in Malaga that gives you the opportunity to enjoy different events in several venues and also in two more cities. We remind you the exact details of this 10th edition:

Seville: From 23rd to 28th October 2023

Malaga: From 13th October to 18th November 2023

Madrid: From 21st to 25th November 2023

This festival intends to bring you the essence of different contemporary and popular urban cultures through their own artistic expression. What Moments Festival tries to achieve is to approach popular subcultures such as punk rock, skateboarding, surfing, graffiti, jazz, or even flamenco through a lot of amazing events. So if you fancy a bit of design, music, photography, fashion, mural painting, crafts, and much more, this art & music festival in Malaga will be a wise choice!

Events at Coeo

We would like you to know that, being an official sponsor of the Moments Festival in Malaga, Coeo has hosted some events for you to enjoy a bit of art. Have a look at some of these events:

Art expo at Coeo Pod hostel

Esteban Velarde y Luis B. Fernández “GO skateboarding MAG”

@kingegorah @luisbboy

When: From November the 10th to December 

Where: @coeohouse Pod Hostel, Malaga

Let yourself be captivated by two icons of skateboarding in Spain: Esteban and Luis. They bring us this unique exhibition in a world premiere at the 10th edition of this fantastic art & music Festival in Malaga that is Moments Festival. Photography and graphic design are their art disciplines. Important to mention that they are the creators of the legendary magazine “GO skateboarding MAG”!

Arty Tote bags limited edition & Closure of the Festival

Patricia Paz, Moments Festival & Coeo

When: November the 18th 

Where: @coeohouse Pod Hostel, Malaga

Coinciding with the closure of this art, culture and music festival in Malaga, Coeo, the artist Patricia Paz, and Moments Festival have collaborated to create a limited edition of tote bags with a collage of the works of this fabulous local urban artist. These exclusive tote bags will be on sale at Coeo Pod Hostel, get yours!

Art and Music Festival in Malaga

More than a series of cultural events

This amazing art & music festival in Malaga is much more than 200 events. It is a celebration of culture, and it represents the unbreakable spirit of a city that never stops to evolve. Whether you’re an art enthusiast, a music lover, or simply someone eager to immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Malaga’s cultural scene, this art & music festival in Malaga offers an unforgettable experience. Join the celebration and discover the magic that makes this wonderful city a true gem on the cultural map. Find the full Moments Festival calendar of events here and make your own leisure agenda!

Coeo is committed to bring you the best of culture

At Coeo we are a local community of people who love life, art, culture, music, and all that makes us live unique experiences. That is the reason why at Coeo Pod Hostel we frequently organise art exhibitions, painting and sculpture, by local artists. In this sense, on this 10th edition of the Moments Festival we have been hosting several art expos at our hostel. Apart from being a proud official sponsor of this fantastic culture, art and music festival in Malaga! Stay with us and discover all we have prepared for you!


Fancy a bit of art & music in Malaga? Come to Coeo and enjoy Moments Festival!

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